I discovered that garden bloggers have a tradition of posting pics of whatever’s blooming in their gardens on the 15th of each month. So, as a wanna-be garden blogger, here’s my contribution. Our garden is in Asheville, NC, on the south-facing side of a mountain ridge.

The official first bloom of the year was a stunted dandelion my younger daughter found a few weeks ago. However, last week, the first desired bloom arrived: jasmine. Which sort of jasmine it is, I don’t know — it predates me on this property. It has a nice sheltered spot on the sunny south-facing bank along the road, so it usually blooms comparatively early.

Coincidentally, today was the first day a crocuses bloomed. Typically, just like buses, I’d been waiting a week since the little green leaves first stuck their needles out of the ground a week ago, just to tantalize me, and then three of them bloomed at the same time this morning. Judging from the multiple flower spikes visible in the first picture, there should be a crowd joining these débutantes tomorrow.

Every year I bring the picking pots into my office (which has three walls of windows) and consolidate the remaining annuals and a few perennials into them. They keep my office bright and cheerful even through the dullest parts of winter. These geraniums and petunias are evidently feeling their own version of spring fever right now, as they’re blooming brightly in response to the more-abundant sunshine.

What this intrepid shoot will become I have no idea. It’s growing wild along the roadside, beneath the jasmine. I only noticed it last week when I cut a nearby tree down. I’ll keep an eye on it and see what it turns into. If it’s pretty, I’ll move it somewhere more prominent and share it on a future Bloom Day.

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