Inspired by the excellent Irish permaculture blog A Life in the Country, I tried my hand at a making a couple of teepees to support the peas and beans. Not having a handy supply of willow, I used the long, thin cherry branches I cut from the stump of the not-quite-dead-yet cherry I cut down last year. They were relatively fresh and therefore still fairly flexible. My first efforts weren’t quite as tidy as those at Bealtaine, but I think they’ll do the job, and they do keep those cherry trimmings out of the brush pile for the city to collect.

The taller will house the snow peas, the other the pod peas.

Yes, I used some training wire and twine to keep it together.

I also went on a baking frenzy on St. Paddy’s morning because I was feeling slightly lazy over watching so much rugby (it was the final day of the Six Nations). So, we have plenty of carbs for the weekend. Wish I could say any of the ingredients came from our garden, but all we’ve got left right now is some spinach and assorted herbs.  Still, I’ve planted a lot of onions, peas, kale, lettuce, and most of the fruit trees and shrubs are beginning to leaf out, so we’ll start harvesting this year’s bounty in the next couple of months.

Traditional brown bread, some soda bread, and scones that turned out way too sweet.